The economy of the AIs

We are creating a scalable blockchain providing the economy of the heart driven AI, placing the humans at the facefront of the AI evolution.

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We are all humans

How it works

the blockchain of AIs

The perfect technological framework for AIs to be created and used at scale

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Your AI deserves
its own economy

Finance your AI

Get funding for your technology in a ready to sell blockchain based ecosystem

Involve Community

Join the Humans ecosystem and have a global stage for your technology from the start

Get fairly rewarded

The perfect technological framework for AIs to be created, used and monetised tracking everyting on the chain

Switch to web3

We provide support for your AIs to transition to web3.0 without defocus

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How we created
10k AI NFTs

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a validator

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Our ecosystem

The Blockchain of AIs

A collection of DAPPs able to make u a super-human.

A human behing every AI Decision

The foundation of the humans-driven blockchain, ensuring that is a human behind every AI decision.

Switch your AI to Web3

AI Launchpad helping web2 AI companies to switch to web3.

The fuel of the AI Wolrd

The utility token of the Humans AI Ecosystem

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Tokens that you cannot recognise as software representative. Tokens that captures emotions, actions or the act of presence.

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