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It’s all about Humans, not technology.

Dima Sabin
Sabin has 15 years of experience as a tech entrepreneur and investment manager. From the age of 16, he developed one of the first social platforms in the Middle East - called Faye3. At the age of 21, Sabin set up one of the first investment funds in the technology area in Romania. Afterward, he continued to found and invest in technology companies, developing dozens of applications and building, among others, a start-up - AroundWise - which offers marketing solutions for shopping centers, being used by over 400 retailers. Sabin launched Humans in 2019, together with a team he has been working with closely for over 5 years.
Razvan Munteanu
Head of Strategy
When it comes to tech-entrepreneurship, Razvan Munteanu is a genuine visionary 2.0 and a true flag-bearer for the industry. His wide experience in capital investing spreads over a more than 25 years’ timeframe. He was the first businessmen in Romania to see the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and to invest big in this huge fast scalable market. Having a keen eye on spotting good projects he was amongst the first to foresee and contribute to Elrond`s success. When “Humans” was brought to his attention, he immediately saw the prodigious potential behind the project and became not only its first investor and a cofounder, but also in charge of business development and strategic planning.
Nicu Sebe
Head of AI
Niculae has 20 years of experience in Machine Learning, currently serving as ML director at Trento University. At Humans, Niculae oversees building the AI Advisory Board. Niculae is also building up a competitive and flexible team that should have not only the capability to develop and come up with novel ideas, but at the same time is able to integrate tools developed by others. He is responsible for identifying potential team leaders/directors that would be in charge of having close contacts with the researchers, developers, and integrators. Moreover, Niculae manages the AI development launch, creating an environment that can seamlessly "translate" to and from different modalities, e.g., text, audio/speech, image, video.
Florin Otto
Co-Founder & CPO
Florin has 10 years of experience in product management and blockchain. Blockchain and crypto enthusiast, experienced tech entrepreneur, and product executive with deep knowledge in building and managing multiple products across different companies and diverse teams. Demonstrated success in building and managing blockchain products from ideation to the actual implementation, product launch, and ongoing management. Part of the Humans founding team, leveraging previous experience and connections in the field, managing blockchain, crypto & product.
Vali Malinoiu
Head of Blockchain & Infrastructure
Creator at heart, Vali has over 10 years of experience building distributed systems and bleeding edge infrastructure products. A tech entrepreneur with a strong focus on building great teams, product management and product security. Present in the blockchain scene from early on, he has built and managed products and teams in many successful companies. His passion is to find innovative solutions in the tech industry by making creators' lives easier. You'll find him researching and speaking about innovation and security in the technology space at conferences such as OWASP or TedX.
Dragos Bunescu
Head of Business
Being in love with delivering results, Dragos built a strong and successful business career in different industries, such as telecommunication, financial services, retail and employee benefits. Managing local and international teams with a strong emphasis in leading people and creating a memorable customer experience, Dragos proven succesful track record spans in both corporate and entrepreneurial world.
Dragos Costea
Head of Vision
Dragos has worked over 10 years in the area of Machine Learning, is a PhD candidate in computer vision aiming to find the best technology mix for video synthesis. This means not only realism, but also fast generation for mass deployment. Dragos is proficient in the following technologies: natural TTS, neural video animation (keypoints, mesh, segmentation), neural radiance fields
Valentin Marcu
Head of Mobile
Valentin has 7 years of experience in developing a wide range of iOS applications, with a focus on mobile banking solutions. He is constantly seeking for scalable and efficient approaches when dealing with complex modules behind fluent user interfaces.
Lucian Nicolescu
Head of User Product
Lucian has over 20 years of experience in developing web based solutions, backend architecture and managing technical aspects of organisations with an eye out for identifying innovative ways of getting things done. In charge of backend development along with the team of developers, APIs communication between services and clients.
Bogdan Filip
Head of Community
Bogdan is a master's degree graduate specialized in "Business Consulting" and “Business Planning”. He is a person oriented towards business growth and sales. The last 8 years have carried him through different sectors of activity (like IT, consulting, cyber security, retail, blockchain and crypto currencies) where he held positions from entry-level to management. All of this journey led him to the most interesting project he's seen until now - Humans.
Mihaela Becheru
Head of PR
Mihaela is a results-driven Communications and growth professional with experience driving best-in-class PR for high-growth startups. With over 10 years of experience working with a wide range of IT&C companies, from different sectors, such as Automotive, Cyber Security, FinTech, Blockchain, Telecom and others, Mihaela's experience covers a diversity of areas and tasks including PR management, global campaign coordination, media relations, social media strategy, community management, organising events and other. Currently, Mihaela helps technology companies increase visibility internationally, grow and attract investments at various stages.
Ana Treaba
Ana graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication and has now more than 15 years of experience in marketing, online marketing, event planning and media relations. Three years ago, she decided to become an entrepreneur and since then she has been representing and promoting some of the coolest artists and entertainers. Nonetheless her expertise doesn’t stop here as she is continuously growing her skills in different areas like tech and blockchain building the best marketing campaigns and coordinating all projects related to this branch. She recently joined Humans team doing an incredible job on her segment.
Bart Veenman
CEO Tovid
Bart is Dutch born and raised, 36 years of age. Former professional hockey player (e.g. FC Barcelona) and educated with a double Master of Science (Communication + Business Studies). As a professional he has 12+ years experience in management and business administration. Started as strategist at a marketing agency in Amsterdam, specializing in digital commerce, marketing and customer engagement. After that he grew into a business leader running Dutch companies as Managing Director and gained international experience as Global Director Marketing & E-Commerce for an international organization in Loyalty, CRM and Customer Engagement. Last years he has been consulting different scale-ups and startups in business development, marketing, go-to-market and proposition development.
Robert Gherghe
Head of Content
Communications and content specialist with a remarkable knowledge of the tech market, Robert is specialized in creating corporate image and brand equity. He has over 19 years of experience working as a creative writer in communication, public relations and journalism fields. Robert is experienced in managing teams, brand image and content development, and is a skilled content strategist for high growth companies. Driven by storytelling skills and a highly experienced journalism career, Robert was attracted by the start-up phenomenon seeing it as an ideal environment to test his abilities and create a new type of storytelling focused on tech. Passionate about history, Robert is a natural problem solver and an analytical and critical thinker.
Roxy Pistolea
NFT Legal expert & Speaker
Roxana Pistolea is an NFT SuperHuman at Humans.ai, one of the most promising Romanian start-ups on A.I. & blockchain. An ambitious young lawyer who practiced as a litigator for 5 years in two big law firms (Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii and Clifford Chance Badea), until she decided that her free, creative spirit cannot be contained in the corporate world and that it's time to reinvent herself. She's not your typical lawyer, because she doesn't like the "lawyer" label - she's so much more. From public speaking, project management and digital events planning to creative strategy and copywriting, she is the original NFT & crypto passionate.
Raluca Aldea
HR Manager
Raluca is the Human Resource Manager, i.e. she's the one bringing SuperHumans to the Humans.ai team. She's a self-driven individual who aims for outstanding results and who does not back away from challenging tasks that require additional learning and resourcefulness. With 5+ years' experience working in high profile IT companies AND a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) at the Faculty of Fine Arts, she has the necessary versatility empowering her to analyze prospective candidates from all angles, ensuring a wide range of talent for the Humans.ai team. When she's not recruiting SuperHumans, she is one herself (practicing Krav Maga definitely makes her qualify).